Amos Ayomide

I, Amos Ayomide is a self-taught programmer who is familiar with Web Development and App Development. I am a devloper that focuses more on Backend than any other stack beacuse it requires logical thinking :) . I graduated from high school as my passion is to get a degree in Computer Science. I'm driven by a desire to use technology to help the world.



First Apex Schools

First Apex Schools

Sept 2006 - Sept 2021

I attended First Apex School for my primary and secondary school. First Apex Schools (FAS) is a co-educational institution and Government approved. The vision of setting up primary and secondary schools gave birth to FIRST APEX SCHOOLS. This vision was encountered, conceived and brought alive by the proprietor Mr. Bodunde Samuel O. and his wife Mrs. Bodunde Elizabeth M. to bring back...

Lagos State University

Lagos State University

February 2022 - Till Date

I attend Lagos State University, Ojo for my University to acquire a degree in Computer Science. Lagos State University, also known as LASU, is located in Ojo, a town in Lagos State, Nigeria. The university was established in 1983 by the enabling law of Lagos State, for the advancement of learning and establishment of academic excellence; its motto being For Truth and Service...


Earthquake Tracker

Earthquake Tracker

This Earthquake Tracker shows earthquakes that happened recently and the earthquake data displayed in the app is from magnitude of 1.0 to 10. It is available only in Amazon App Store.


Multi-Purpose Whatsapp Bot

A whatsapp bot that can help you in your every day life. It includes an AI feature that can answer almost any question of your choice. This Bot is Close Sourced For Now. You can add it to your Whatsapp Group :)



Webvium is lightweight, Fast, Material and Full-Featured Android Web Browser developed by Melvin Jones Repol and Samiun Nafis. Webvium is designed to be the most lightweight app possible.


Melvin Jones Repol

Melvin Jones Repol

Melvin Jones Repol is a self taught Software Engineer with experience in Web Development, SEO, Data Analyst and Computer Troubleshooting, MAJOR IN COMPUTER PROGRAMMING at Bestlink College of the Philippines. Learned from mistakes and seeking new knowledge

Samiun Nafis

Samiun Nafis

Samiun Nafis is a frontend developer with sound knowledge in Android development. Skilled in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, React and Bootstrap.


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Hello, i joined Github March 21 2020. I wasn't active because i had zero clue of what github was about. My first repo was a completed project, Earthquake tracker. I also have other repos. I mainly use Github to store and track my codes.

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